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The Sound Down Flooring system is revolutionary in achieving excellent sound attenuation between floors. Whether a multi-unit intertenancy floor or simply a quality executive home looking for a solid quiet system between levels. Sound Down delivers and costeffective solution. Sound Down works with standard lightweight timber building systems which avoids the implications of working with a concrete mid-floor.

Those implications extend right through the building adding cost to everything from the engineering to site works, foundations and bracing elements, adding cost and slowing the whole building process. The key building processes are not delayed as the installation of the sound floor happens when the building in enclosed, walls are lined and before the internal doors are hung. This ensures the building processes kept streamlined.

The Sound Down floor can achieve industry leading results in reducing both airborne and Impact noise. The system can incorporate standard fire rated ceiling systems to achieve compliance for intertenancy environments for both acoustic and fire performance.

As the Sound Down floor raises the finished floor level by 90mm, it is recommended that frames are adjusted to accommodate this. Frames heights of 2550 or 2700 will give a finished stud height of 2460 or 2610 while optimizing standard plaster board sizes.

Sound Down have their own installers of the system to ensure correct installation and required sound attenuation ratings are achieved.

Solid and quiet when living both above and below

  • Faster and more cost effective alternative to concrete mid floor systems
  • Compatible with NZS3604 Building methods
  • Simple solution for executive homes desiring reduced noise between floors
  • Exceeds Airborne and Impact Sound requirements for inter-tenancy floors
  • Can be combined with fire rated ceilings
  • Allows enclosure of building envelope and lining of walls to proceed without delay.

“We were so glad to hear we could achieve a solid quiet mid floor without having to engineer the entire house to accommodate a concrete mid-floor. The Sound Down floor gives us peace and quiet both upstairs and down.”

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The Sound Down Flooring system is revolutionary in achieving excellent sound attenuation between floors.

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