Building Smarter Together

Changing How we Build

We are challenging tradition and moving beyond monopolistic
supply channels, to change how we build in New Zealand.

Innovative Building Products

Combining select Innovative Products, to create smarter building structures,
while raising the standards within the New Zealand building industry.

Smart Supply Systems

We combine these innovative products with Smart Supply Systems,
making the building process even more efficient.



Proudly promoting cutting edge, innovative materials to the building industry.

As you can see by the products that we have high-lighted, we aim to provide a unique service to professionals in the industry. New Zealand is a relatively young country and as such, we have a reputation for being progressive and forward-thinking.
Trade Innovations want to ensure that buildings constructed now will not only be a testament to our modern way of thinking, but also withstand the test of time. In order for this to happen, we must concentrate on using high-quality, innovative, yet sustainable materials.
Architects, Developers, Engineers, Home Owners and Quantity Surveyors have come to value our expertise. Our diverse and experienced team know what works.

The materials we choose to market provide everyone in the industry the means to make smarter, durable, weather-tight buildings. New Zealand’s mercurial weather can wreak havoc on our structures which is why we need to choose our materials wisely.
While there are many suppliers who would love for us to market their product, we can assure you that the selection process is not one we take lightly. We strive to maintain our reputation for promoting only those products that make building smarter and help professionals create smarter buildings.


We are proud to have Bunnings Trade supporting this challenge to the industry to build above standard homes that perform for kiwi families..